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Q: How can I prescribe the Nu-Derm products for patients who would not like to peel during winter?
For patients who would not like to peel in the winter, doctors can prescribe the Nu-derm system in minimal doses to prevent excessive peeling, redness and inflammation. Products with harsh ingredients (mostly those including tretinoin, hydroquinone and AHAs) should be used 2 or 3 times a week or every other day.
A suitable sunscreen preferably containing zinc oxide is always recommended.
Q: Why should a patient use both Blender and Clear when both contain 4% Hydroquinone?
The Clear contains 4% HQ to correct uneven surface skin color and brown spots. It has a basic base and it’s used for bleaching only. The Blender promotes and maintains correction at the cellular level for even skin tone. It is specially formulated to use with tretinoin cream because of the AHAs that enhance the delivery of tretinoin to the dermis. The Blender has an acidic base and contains a moisturizer, that’s why it’s more effective to combine it with tretinoin. It also has a blending effect (spreading the melanin), that helps the Clear in the bleaching process. For faster and more effective results, the bleaching should be performed first, followed by blending.
Q: A patient complained of new breakouts after starting to use the Nu- Derm system. What should be done?
In some cases, hyperactive sebaceous glands tend to secrete more sebum than normal and result in acne problems. The problem gets serious if dead skin cells accumulate or the pores get blocked, leading to a breakout or swelling.
The AHAs and tretinoin present in the Nu- Derm system help address one or more of the main factors that lead to the formation of acne (bacteria, excess sebum, blocked pores, inflammation…). The AHAs will unclog the pores, leading to a faster and more effective penetration of active ingredients such as tretinoin, into the skin, and thus preventing the serum buildup that will eventually lead to acne formation.
It is all right to start the treatment on active acne, since it will start to reduce the inflammation and breakouts. It is also normal that a patient experience new breakouts, itching, dryness and redness after or while using the Nu-Derm System, because such reactions indicate that the treatment protocol is working. By the end of the first 6 weeks of usage, depending on the skin condition, the patient will notice a visible improvement.
Q: Is it safe to prescribe the Obagi products for a pregnant woman?
The non- prescription products are safe to use during pregnancy and nursing.The prescription products which contain Hydroquinone and Tretinoin are better not to be prescribed for women who are pregnant or nursing.