How healthy is your skin?

A person’s skin conveys a lot about his or her health. Sun exposure, poor diet, dehydration, stress, smoking, allergies and illness… all can show up in skin, so it makes sense to pay close attention to it.


Taking this easy test can determine what you need to do for better skin:


  1. After cleansing, your skin feels:

    A Soft and fresh
    B Tingly and a little firm
    C Very tight

  2. How often do you clean your skin?

    A You give your skin a clean sweep every night without fail
    B You gently wash your skin before bed when you’re not too tired
    C When you shower in the morning, you let the shampoo from your hair take yesterday’s impurities down the drain

  3. Which describes your sun protection habits?

    A You wear a broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen every day, year round
    B You save sunscreen for summertime trips to the beach, so you don’t burn
    C Sunscreen? What’s sunscreen?

  4. Do you smoke?

    A Never have, never will
    B No, but you do hang out in smoky environments
    C It’s true you quit two years ago, but you sometimes can’t resist the urge to light up

  5. With regards to your exfoliation schedule:

    A You have monthly facials with skin analysis, complete with exfoliation when it is recommended by your dermal clinician
    B You have done microdermabrasion or glycolic acid peeling a few times in the past
    C You peel after the burning heals in the beginning of each summer

  6. When you’re under a lot of stress, your skin:

    A Is the picture of calm
    B Occasionally breaks out
    C Erupts – be it in blemishes, blotches, hives or a rash

  7. Your diet could be best described as:

    A Nutritionally sound – you never met a vegetable you didn’t like
    B Well balanced one day, unbalanced the next
    C Jam-packed with junk food

  8. Your water drinking habits can best be described as:

    A You have a gallon container at work that you drink till the last drop
    B You are aware of the “eight glass a day” rule, but never keep count
    C Drink only when thirsty or with lunch

  9. You discover a pimple on your chin. You:

    A Declare the area a no-trespassing zone and keep your hands off
    B Succumb to temptation and squeeze
    C Poke and prod until it becomes inflamed and painful

  10. How much alcohol do you normally consume?

    A Only the occasional beer or glass of wine
    B You’re known to knock back a few time to time
    C You frequently lose count