Obagi takes part in the Francophone Symposium of Dermatology


On Saturday September 11th, 2004, the 7th French-speaking Symposium of Dermatology, organized by the Department
of Dermatology at Hôtel-Dieu de France, with the collaboration of the Lebanese Society of Dermatology, was held at the
Mövenpick Hotel, Raouché.


The topics raised during this significant gathering to which numerous participants and experts from France, Tunisia,
and Denmark were invited, were various and dealt with the latest developments in dermatology.

A scientific committee composed of Doctors Sélim Aractingi, Eugénie Halaby, Paul Hobeika, Edouard Makhoul,
Josianne Mallat, Mourad Mokni, and Roland Tomb reviewed some themes, as sexual transmitted diseases,
dermatology pediatrics, dermato-cosmetology, and new therapeutic treatments.

Obagi was present at the Symposium to exhibit its latest products in Cosmetic Dermatology.