The Obagi Medical Products Blue Peel was featured on an episode of The Doctors on May 19.
Cosmetic surgeon Mark Youssef, from Unique Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Monica, California, performs an
Obagi blue chemical peel on 32-year-old Kristina, who has sun damage. The peel contains trichloracetic
acid (TCA) and is ideal for uneven, discolored or damaged skin.

“Typical chemical peels are clear, but this chemical peel has a blue base to it, so it allows us to assess the
evenness of the application and also the depth of penetration,” Dr. Yousseff explains.

The blue dye rinses off in 24 to 48 hours, but the peel takes seven to eight days to complete. As the layers of dead and damaged skin cells are exfoliated and sloughed off, they are replaced by new, healthy ones, resulting in brighter, younger-looking skin and tighter pores.

The segment was also featured on the website for The Doctors